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Hardieplank Siding Contractor Austin

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Hardieplank Siding Contractor Austin


Capital Outdoor Spaces Hardiplank Services has been installing James Hardie® Siding Products for over 10 years and has been a siding contractor and siding installer for over 20 years. Being a Hardieplank Remodeler means we will meet the high standards required for all James Hardie® product installations.

James Hardie® Siding Products are highly durable and an economical siding solution for your home. These products are the ideal product for use in Texas due to the varied weather conditions. HardiePlank siding provides a superior solution to your siding problems and gives your home the look and feel of real wood.  It resists cracking, rotting, and delamination.

Hardieplank Siding – Especially formulated for Austin Texas weather

The HardiPlank siding product is now manufactured specifically for two zones in North America. HZ5 Zone is designed for the northern half of the United States and Canada, where HZ10 Zone is designed for the southern half of the United States. Please ask your design consultant to verify the proper zone so the correct product is installed. Your consultant will explain to you about the new guidelines by James Hardie® Siding Products.

Siding Contractor Austin – Warmth of Wood, Durability of Concrete

HardiePlank siding provides the warm look of wood while providing the durability of fiber-cement. It is the attractive alternative to traditional wood composite, cedar siding, vinyl siding, brick siding, or stucco siding. HardiePlank resists damage from extended exposure to humidity, rain, snow, salt air, and termites.

Hardieplank Siding – Energy efficient for the hot Texas climate

Since existing wood siding is removed, we are able to double or triple the insulation value of your home. By adding fiberglass insulation as well as radiant barrier to the walls, up to 84% of the radiant heat can be reflected that normally conducts through the wall cavity.

Whatever your need, we can improve the energy efficiency of your home, from the roof to the foundation.

Call us today to schedule an appointment to see how hardieplank can increase the value of your home, while lowering your utility bills, and adding to your homes overall appearance.

As an experienced siding contractor, we specialize in installing James Hardie® Siding Products. HardiePlank is the most durable siding material available. As compared to ordinary wood, it is water-resistant and holds paint better. When we install siding, we can customize it to help you achieve the desired look. Our services include siding installation, repair, and replacement.

If your siding has discolored, cracked, or water-damaged, we can replace it and install long-lasting HardiePlank siding. We ensure smooth and efficient siding installation to exceed your expectations. Our energy-efficient siding can enhance the appearance of your home, as well as increase its value.

As the most trustworthy siding installation service in Austin, we provide accurate project estimates with no hidden cost. We are trusted locally for our honesty and integrity. We have a team of skilled siding installers to handle the entire installation process- from start to finish. If you’re new to siding installation, we can help you choose the best style, texture, and color that will compliment your home.