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All You Need To Know About Deck System For Your Home

Decking is getting very popular these days. Homeowners building their houses with modern designs use decks in their designs. They can be seen in residential areas, big malls, small stores, hotels, and palaces, even in ships that are the most famous deck reference. If you are still not aware of decks and what they are like, you need to read this article till the end. It will help you the next time you design or reconstruct your house or office. The deck is generally the outward flooring or platforms of the buildings for adding extra elevation. It is primarily a flat surface like a floor that can support the weight like one. It is typically built outdoors, often elevated from the ground and usually connected to a building. Decks are used as a part of garden landscaping, extending the living area of a house and as an alternative to patios. They can be built of several different materials like lumber, timber, aluminium etc. It can be made of a wood platform that is slightly elevated from the main ground and accessed from a block of steps or a small stairway. Decks can be made on a steep basis or even rough floor. For that, you need a highly skilled and renowned deck contractor.

Various deck systems and the material they are constructed from are available if you decide to add a deck element to your outdoor space. This article will cover everything.


Wraparound Deck

Similar to a front gate porch, a wraparound deck is an elevated space that looks more like a room because of its large size. Its size sometimes can be larger than the porch itself. These decks let you enjoy and relax the beauty of your premises and don’t restrict you to a specific view only. It covers around your whole property or most of it and lets you take in the scenery of your entire home. The wraparound deck can be an excellent source of entertainment for you and your whole family, as everyone can enjoy their personal space while being connected to the same area. A small portion of the area can be used to relax under the sun and read, while you can use some for music and others for the barbequing or as an outdoor kitchen area. It doesn’t matter how you want to use it; a wraparound deck gives you and your family sufficient space to do whatever they want. Wraparound decks are unique for people as they remind them of their older homes with large porches. These decks also have that same classical look, and it also allows for a lot more activities than just a porch.

The benefits of a wraparound deck include:

  • Expanding the living space of your house.
  • Maximizing the air circulation throughout your home when access doors are open.
  • Allowing the exposure to sun/shade throughout the day.


Multi-Tier Deck

Multi-tier decks are best if your property is quite expanded and large. It has different levels of interconnected decking by paths or steps, particularly for tricky terrain, slopes or rocky landscape. The main level of the deck is the closest to the house, and it typically serves as a sizeable open-air grilling and dining or drinking area. Decks can be planned for double-duty uses too.

The benefits of a multi-tier deck include:

  • Extend your space and create a visually distinct space on different levels.
  • It adds a strong visual appeal to your area as it can act as an expanded, beautiful design all on its own.


Attached Deck

An attached deck is made from wood or other composite decking materials. These decks are slightly raised from the front and most commonly linked to the back of L-shaped or U-shaped houses. They are generally made in the backyard to extend the backside elevation of the building and are similar to patios.

The top benefit of an attached deck is:

It can provide additional living space and shade with an overhead roof like the patio or covered pergolas.


There are several different types of materials from which decks can be made. You can choose as per the requirement and choice.


Wood Decks: Most of the deck’s structure is made of pressure-treated lumber and sometimes even steel beams, but the actual deck where you walk on is made of wood. It is one of the best deck materials. The three common types of wood decks are redwood, cedar, and pressure-treated lumber.


Timber Decks: Timber deck is also an excellent material deck. It is made of highly flexible material that is most ideal for homes that have children as it is effortless to clean. It tackles the potential of sloping and uneven garden terrain.


Trex Decks: These decks are alternatives for timber composite decks. If you do not want wood or timber made decks, go for this one. You can find them through any expert Trex decks contractor. They will not fade or get permanent stains, crack, or splinters. They even protect against insect infestation. Trex decks require less maintenance and get clean very quickly.